cyclicButterfly Class Reference
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Regular digraph with a cyclic layering. More...

#include <sparseDigraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for cyclicButterfly:

sparseDiGraph abstractDiGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Member Functions

 cyclicButterfly (TNode length, TNode base=2, goblinController &thisContext=goblinDefaultContext) throw ()

Detailed Description

Regular digraph with a cyclic layering.

The cyclic (k,b) cyclic butterfly graph can be obtained from the (k,b) butterflyGraph by pairwise identification of the nodes in the two extreme layers.

Every graph node has b incoming and b outgoing arcs, and so the graph is Eulerian and 2b-regular. The length of all directed cycles is a multiple of k and through every node, there is a unique directed cycle of length k.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cyclicButterfly TNode  length,
TNode  base = 2,
goblinController thisContext = goblinDefaultContext
throw ()

length The number of digits
base The cardinality of the alphabet
thisContext The context to which this graph object is attached