butterflyGraph Class Reference
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Layered regular digraph. More...

#include <sparseDigraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for butterflyGraph:

sparseDiGraph abstractDiGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Member Functions

 butterflyGraph (TNode length, TNode base=2, goblinController &thisContext=goblinDefaultContext) throw ()

Detailed Description

Layered regular digraph.

The (k,b)-butterfly consists of k+1 layers. Each layer consists of b^k nodes, representing the k-digit numbers about an alphabet of cardinality b. Moving from one layer i to the next layer (i+1) means to choose the i-th digit value.

For any pair of nodes, one node on layer 0 and one node on layer k, there is a unique directed path connecting these nodes.

The maximal bicliques are K_b,b, and every node is incident with such a biclique. In the standard setting, b equals 2, and the K_2,2 bicliques have motivated the term butterfly.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

butterflyGraph TNode  length,
TNode  base = 2,
goblinController thisContext = goblinDefaultContext
throw ()

length The number of digits
base The cardinality of the alphabet
thisContext The context to which this graph object is attached