Force directed layout


enum  abstractMixedGraph::TOptFDP {
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_DEFAULT = -1,
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_GEM = 0,
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_SPRING = 1,
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_RESTRICTED = 2,
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_LAYERED = 4,
  abstractMixedGraph::FDP_LAYERED_RESTR = 6


void abstractMixedGraph::Layout_ForceDirected (TOptFDP method=FDP_DEFAULT, TFloat spacing=0.0) throw (ERRejected)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TOptFDP [inherited]

Alternative methods for force directed drawing.

FDP_DEFAULT  Apply the default method set in goblinController::methFDP.
FDP_GEM  Apply the GEM method.
FDP_SPRING  Apply the spring embedder method.
FDP_RESTRICTED  Apply the restricted GEM method.
FDP_LAYERED  Apply the 1D force directed method.
FDP_LAYERED_RESTR  Apply the restricted 1D force directed method.

Function Documentation

void Layout_ForceDirected TOptFDP  method = FDP_DEFAULT,
TFloat  spacing = 0.0
throw (ERRejected) [inherited]

Refine a given graph drawing according to a model of forces.

method A TOptFDP value specifying the applied method
spacing The minimum node distance or 0
This refines a given straight-line drawing by modelling the nodes as loaded particles repelling each other, and the edges as elastic bands keeping its end nodes close to each other. Node are moved according to the unbalanced forces in the current drawing. Depending on the concrete method, there can be additional restrictions on the node movements.