permutationGraph Class Reference
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Permutation graph. More...

#include <sparseGraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for permutationGraph:

sparseGraph abstractGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Member Functions

 permutationGraph (TNode numNodes, TNode *map=NULL, goblinController &_CT=goblinDefaultContext) throw ()

Detailed Description

Permutation graph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

permutationGraph TNode  numNodes,
TNode map = NULL,
goblinController _CT = goblinDefaultContext
throw ()

Generate a threshold graph.

numNodes The number of nodes
map A bijective mapping of the node indices
_CT The controller object to manage the created graph
This generates a graph with the specified number of nodes and arcs (u,v) if (map[u]-map[v])*(u-v)>0. If map[] is not specified, a random permutation is generated.