openGrid Class Reference
[Graph series]

Place a regular grid in the plane. More...

#include <sparseGraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for openGrid:

sparseGraph abstractGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Types

enum  TOptGrid {

Public Member Functions

 openGrid (TNode _k, TNode _l, TOptGrid shape, goblinController &_CT=goblinDefaultContext) throw (ERRejected)

Detailed Description

Place a regular grid in the plane.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum TOptGrid

Open grid type.

GRID_TRIANGULAR  Grid is formed of triangular faces.
GRID_SQUARE  Grid is formed of square faces.
GRID_HEXAGONAL  Grid is formed of hexagonal faces.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

openGrid TNode  _k,
TNode  _l,
TOptGrid  shape,
goblinController _CT = goblinDefaultContext
throw (ERRejected)

_k Number of columns. Must be >= 2 and odd in the hexagonal case
_l Number of rows
shape Type of interior faces
_CT The controller object to manage the created graph