Installation guidelines

Distribution packages

Source code distribution packages are provided roughly once per month at Sourceforge. Those packages fall into four parts:

Binaries are not distributed regularly. An MS Windows setup will be provided for every major build (2.7, 2.8, ...), roughly once every year. The latter is a condensed cygwin runtime environment including several packages required for GUI output to bitmap and vectorial file formats. The Windows setup is intended for non-experienced end users and for quick validation. To advanced end users and developers, a regular cygwin installation is recommended, since the cygwin condensation step does not take care of package management.

Unpacking the source code

Supposed, you want to install from a source code distribution package (say Release 2.8) on a UNIX machine, the first step to build the library, the shell and/or problem solvers is to unpack the goblin.2.8.tgz archive by typing

tar xfz goblin.2.8.tgz

This will extract to a goblin.2.8 directory right below the current working directory. If you also want to install the test code package (say goblin.2.8.test.tgz, do it from the same working directory.

Build from source code distributions in UNIX like environments

Change to the extracted goblin.2.8 root directory. If necessary, edit the Makefile.conf file (and changes are indeed necessary for platforms other than linux/gcc). Build the binaries by typing


This results in several libraries (copied to the the lib subfolder) and in the shell tool gosh (copied to the the bin subfolder).

You may test your personal installation by starting the ./goblet graph browser from the Makefile directory, and loading one of the test problems in the samples folder. If you have installed the test code, an automated test can be started from the GUI. This might turn out one of the known runtime problems.

In the testing environment, the GUI can only be started from the setup root directory!

If you get stuck with the shell tool build, but you only want to use the C++ API, type

make goblin

If you want to use a solver executable rather than the API, say the matching solver, then

make exe pr=optmatch

creates the executable optmatch. The complete list of executable solvers can be found in the folder main_src.

Core library build without the shipped Makefile

The core library is platform independent code. To built it without the shipped Makefile, just import all files from the lib_src and include directories and edit the configuration.h to get ridd off the code instrumentation utilized by the GUI. Details can be found in Section Compile time configuration .

Building this reference manual

You are just reading some version of the doxygen reference manual. A more recent html version might be online at the Sourceforge project homepage You can build the html reference from the source distribution root directory by typing

make html

In the output, the entry point for browsing the documentation is ./html/index.html.

There is also a latex manual which is build by the command

make latex

Preparing cygwin

Nothing is special with the GOBLIN build in the cygwin environment (just set os = linux in Makefile.conf. In order to have a full featured GUI, the following packages are required:

These packages are also used in the linux environment, but the cygwin setup does not install them by default.

Potential GUI runtime problems

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