Layout models


TLayoutModel abstractMixedGraph::LayoutModel () const throw ()
void abstractMixedGraph::SetLayoutModel (TLayoutModel model) throw ()
void abstractMixedGraph::Layout_ConvertModel (TLayoutModel model) throw ()

Function Documentation

void Layout_ConvertModel TLayoutModel  model  )  throw () [inherited]

Translate a drawing to another layout model.

model The intended layout model
This assigns a new layout model and translates the drawing so that it formally conforms with the new model. The rules are as follows:
  • If the old and the new layout model are the same, only some of the display parameters are set, depending on the concrete model
  • If neither the old nor the new model is LAYOUT_STRAIGHT_2DIM and the new model is not a generalization of the old one, there is an implicit intermediate conversion to the LAYOUT_STRAIGHT_2DIM model.
  • If the new model is LAYOUT_STRAIGHT_2DIM, all shape and bend points are eliminated.
  • If the new model does not require differently, Layout_ArcRouting() is called to handle loops andparallel arcs.

TLayoutModel LayoutModel  )  const throw () [inherited]

Retrieve the current layout model.

The current layout model

void SetLayoutModel TLayoutModel  model  )  throw () [inherited]

Formally assign a layout model.

model The intended layout model