spreadOutRegular Class Reference
[Planar composition]

Unroll the faces of regular convex polyhedra. More...

#include <sparseGraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for spreadOutRegular:

sparseGraph abstractGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Member Functions

 spreadOutRegular (abstractMixedGraph &G, TOption=0) throw (ERRejected)

Detailed Description

Unroll the faces of regular convex polyhedra.

This constructor requires a spanning tree of the original graph. All edges other than the tree edges are are duplicated. The original faces are maintained, but an exterior face is introduced. This is enclosed by all duplicated edges.

The original faces are drawn by regular polygones. It my happen that the faces overlap. This depends on the choice of the spanning tree.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

spreadOutRegular abstractMixedGraph G,
TOption  = 0
throw (ERRejected)