inducedOrientation Class Reference
[Graph derivation]

Orientation of a given mixed graph object. More...

#include <sparseDigraph.h>

Inheritance diagram for inducedOrientation:

sparseDiGraph abstractDiGraph abstractMixedGraph managedObject goblinRootObject

Public Member Functions

 inducedOrientation (abstractMixedGraph &G, TOption options=0) throw (ERRejected)

Detailed Description

Orientation of a given mixed graph object.

This digraph orientates all arcs and edges of the original mixed graph object so that the start node has a smaller node colour index than the end node. So, if the node colours are pairwise different, a DAG results. If the node colours encode an st-numbering, even a bipolar digraph results.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

inducedOrientation abstractMixedGraph G,
TOption  options = 0
throw (ERRejected)